"Since 1994 the first Evidence Based courses Manual Therapy in Poland"


Ger Plaatsman, a Dutch Manual Therapy specialist ,was invited by the Katowice branch of the Polish association of physiotherapy (PTF) in 1994 to give courses in manual therapy. Since then he visits Poland regularly to train physiotherapists and doctors in manual therapy.


  • Physiotherapist since 1986, manual therapist since 1989
  • Maitland-, Cyriax-, McKenzie-, Mulligan-, sports physiotherapist
  • Master of Manual therapy SOMT in cooperation university of Brussels
  • Founder of the Plaatsman Concept of evidence based manual therapy 1994

Teaching experience:

  • Since 1989 courses manual therapy for German society of physiotherapy (ZVK) Since 1994 courses manual therapy for Polish society of physiotherapy (PTF Katowice)
  • Since 2011 docent at the university of applied sciences Thim van der Laan upgrade Bachelor German physiotherapists

Since 1989 over 2.500 therapists trained in Poland, Germany and the Netherlands

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Ger Plaatsman


Plaatsman Concept:

  • An eclectic system of manual therapy where most of the modern methods such as Maitland, Cyriax, McKenzie, Mulligan, Kaltenborn are combined and integrated
  • The whole system is based on recent scientific research
  • All students will be trained by Ger Plaatsman himself
  • Visual handicapped and blind students are accepted

Courses are given in German or English and translated in Polish by Prof. dr. Hab. E. Saulicz (AWF Katowice) who translates the courses since 1995.

Subjects and time schedule:
Basic modules:

  • Upper extremity, Theory of Manual Therapy (3 days)
  • Lower extremity, Neuromobilization, Clinical Reasoning (3 days)
  • Spine, Ilio-sacral joint, Temporo Mandibular joint and Myofascial Trigger points (3 days)
  • Manipulations Spine, SI and extremities (3 days)
  • Cervical spine and Pelvic disorders (4 days)


  • 2 days problem-solving and repetition of all techniques 1 day examination


For more information please contact:
Joanna Rusin
Kinesio Elite
tel. 500 116 382

Ger Plaatsman

Date Part Location
24-26 April 2017 Upper extremity Katowice
27-29 April 2017 Lower extremity and Neuromobilization Katowice
10-12 July 2017 Upper extremity Opole
13-15 July 2017 Lower extremity and Neuromobilization Opole
16-18 July 2017 Spine, TMJ and Ilio-Sacral joint Opole
19-21 July 2017 Manipulation Spine and extremities Opele
22-25 July 2017 Neck and Pelvis disorders Opole
26-28 July 2017 Problem solving and Exam Opole
16-18 October 2017 Upper extremity Lublin
19-21 October 2017 Lower extremity and Neuromobilization Lublin